Toradora is a word which comes from the names of the two main characters of the series. Ryuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka are the two  main character which lend to the name of the series. Taiga and tora are Japanese terms for tiger and Ryu means dragon. Doragon is Japanese for dragon. Tora and Dora together make Toradora, which is the title of the series. The name of the series is literally the ship name for the main characters.

Like many other anime, Toradora also has the theme of students in high school dealing with daily lives and personal issues. The element of romance and complications with friends are also dominantly present in the series. Ryuji Takasu is a second year high school student who is currently dealing with the issue of looking a certain way while he feels the opposite way all the while having the “bad boy delinquent” look in his eyes. He does have a best friend in the class Yasaku Kitamura. But also there is a girl in the class Minori Kushieda on whom Ryuji has a crush on. But then comes in the other half of Toradora. Taiga (which totally sounds like tiger) Aisaka is a 4 feet 8 inches, tiny, snappy and fierce girl who is in reality is completely anti-social and dislikes company. Ryuji and Taiga at first aren’t really very buddy buddy. In fact they go out of their way to avoid each other. But to his horror turns out to be Minori’s best friend and also lives in the apartment facing his own. But when he learns that Taiga has a crush on his friend Yasaku and Taiga finds about the Ryuji’s attraction for Minori. So they decide to help each other and set them up with their crushes.

Over time Ryuji and Taiga whilst setting each other up with their crushes face difficulties and their plans backfire. And all this while them spending so much time together gives their classmates the excuse to do what high school teenagers do, gossip and spread rumors. Although they try to defend them selves against the rumors, they realize that they do enjoy being together. But the story has twist when Yasuka’s childhood friend Ami Kawashima arrives to their school and brings havoc with her.

The rest of the story gets even better and interesting, which I will not spoil for all the people who haven’t watched the anime. We do personally recommend the animem and the manga. It is one of the most famous anime/manga ever. Specially if you are a fan of romantic, coming of age kind of story lines, Toradora is one if the best anime to watch.

If you have already seen it let us now what you think and if you see it after reading this post then also let us know what you think of it.Until then,



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