Worth Watching: Sword Art Online

On November 6th 2022, ten thousand people who log onto a cyber-space to play a game discover can’t log out. The game is a Virtual Reality Massively Massively Online Role-Playing Game called Sword Art Online developed by Akihoko Kayaba which is played through a head-set called the Nervegear. The Nervegear uses the five senses through the brain to let the players control their avatars or in-game characters trough their minds.

Where’s the catch you ask?

Well imagine yourself not able to get out if the game unless you beat 100 horrific monsters to win and leave the game. But wait, there is another catch. any player who dies, gets dangerously hurt or takes off his Nervegear, dies in the game and as well as in the real life.

This anime follows the story of different characters trying to win the game. In the spotlight is Kazuto Kirigaya or Kirito. He is the rebel or the “cheater” of the game who disassociates from the group and plays the game alone. until he meets a young girl, Asuna Yuki. With her Kirito starts to develop a friendship and an alliance to survive the game. but there comes a few twists in the story as new characters join in and secrets are revealed.

Watch the anime to follow the story of Kirito and Asuna as they live, love, fight and battle to survive the violent arena of the game and real life. And f you have already watched it, then do let us know what you think of it. Until then,



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