Your Lie in April

Sweet and romantic, a story where two musically talented young people find appreciation, friendship and eventually love. Your Lie in April is a manga come anime which will touch your soft spot. A mysterious girl captures the attention of a boy called Kosei Arima. He himself is an accomplished pianist who has gathered fame and love from a huge number of people but is sullen and very reserved.on the other hand Kaori Miyazono a classmate of Kosei, is a free spirited violinist who pushes the sullen Kosei to play and love what he did again. To get out of depression and get over the conflicts with his mother, with the help of friends Tsubaki Sawabe and Ryota Watari, Kosei tries to find peace again in music.\

This manga has to be one of my personal favourites as it deals with a very sensitive story line but in a very beautiful manner. The anime also is animated and directed very well. There were man a moments where your eyes would water. and this shows that despite being a manga/anime it has captured emotions very well and portrayed them in a relatable manner.

Hope you give it a try and enjoy it. If you watch/ read it or already have then let us know your thoughts about it. Until then,



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