Attack on Titan: The Anime

Broody and dramatic soldiers try to defend their people within walls Maria, Rose and Sheena. Built for protection, these walls are the structures that stand against the humans and their unusually large and cannibalistic enemy, the titans. The titans are a horde of alien like humanoids. Up to 15 meters  high, man eating and terrifying appearance, Titans have for the past 100 years been a threat to the people behind the walls.  When suddenly a Colossus Titan bigger and smarter attacks and breeches wall Maria in the Shiganshina District. after years of safety,the people now stand face to face with their imminent deaths.

An Armored Titan then breaks through wall Maria letting the smaller Titans in. The population now has to recede into the inner districts. The immigration causes turmoil and famine. But the threat is still not gone. during this the Survey Corps try to retake and kill the titans but fail to do so and lose many lives during the battle. During all of the story three kids Eren Yaeger, Mikasan Ackerman and Amin Arlert friends from the Shiganshina district are forced to leave and take refuge behind wall Rose. Seeing the destruction and the violence firsthand, the three decide to join the Survey Corp.

This dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic  anime is also a manga. Both of which I recommend. Either read the manga or watch the anime season 1. I assure you, you will love the plot, the characters and the setting. And if you watch the anime then the graphics and the  sound track all make it one of the best anime in  my books.

The anime right now has only on season out with season 2 possibly coming out next year. If you do decide to watch the anime or read the manga, do let us know what you think. Until then,


P.S. watch the trailer here: Attack on Titan Trailer



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