Death Note Hype

Do you wonder of a world without crime? A world only for the pure of heart and soul? Light Yagami, a quite boy with a genius mind dreamed the same. Disgusted by the escalating crime rate in the world, he wanted to create a world free of crime. Light frustrated by this one day stumbles upon the Death Note. A notebook fallen from a death god Ryuk, with the power to kill in 40 seconds. This was the opportunity couldn’t miss. Motivated by his hatred for all the wrongdoers Light goes on a raged killing spree. But these many deaths don’t go unnoticed. The whole of Japan becomes aware of this phenomenon and giving the name Kira (derived from the English word killer) to Light. The police force of Japan along with the FBI tries to find and put an end to Kira. But to no avail. After failures in the path to detecting Kira, the Japanese police involve a young detective L. who helps in solving big and complex cases. He works without revealing his face and his voice. Working from afar L. tricks Light into a game of cat and mouse. Chasing each other without wanting to reveal themselves becomes an interesting challenge for both of them. Ultimately their investigation makes them come face to face as Yagami Light the son of the Chief of Police and L. L with his doubts on Light keeps an eye on him by getting Light to investigate the Kira case along with him. But light plans an elaborate plan to remove all of Ls’ doubts on him being Kira. But Kira needs all the stumps in his way removed, this means killing L. And Kira succeeds in it along with the help of another Kira, a supermodel Misa Amane who is in love with Kira. After L dies Light ironically becomes a police officer to lead an investigation against his own self. The plot then gives them a shock of a third Kira, a businessman who uses his death note to get to the top. All of this activity makes an interesting turn of events with businessmen, criminals and policemen dying. In short, some of the team members of the Kira investigation act on Ls’ doubt about Light being Kira and start a secret investigation against him. The investigation leads them to a successor of L, Near disguised as N. Near younger than L along with FBI goes onto succeeding in finding that Light and Kira is the same person. How does the story end? Well I won’t ruin for all those who are interested in this story. Why don’t you find out by either reading the manga or watching the anime?

Now is the hype real? You bet it is. Any anime fan will tell you to watch Death Note. I also being a fan of anime and manga couldn’t recommend Death Note enough. The animation, the storyline and the characters all fit and work so perfectly. This anime genuinely gets you involved with the characters. Death Note is to this date the best mystery manga/anime. If the short synopsis gets you interested and you watch the anime or read the manga, leave me a comment of how you like it.

Sayoonara from Emaan.



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