CAUTION: Don’t watch Dragon Ball Z! It’s a trap!

Anime fan or not DBZ is one of the anime’s you need to watch. It’s not just an anime to kill time, it will connect so well with you that you won’t be able to get enough of it. The story line is quite clear and vivid which includes all aspects of comedy, action, love, emotions etc. This is by far the best anime ever made according to me. The story is about a warrior name “Goku”, after learning that he is from another planet, he and his friends go on a quest to defend earth from onslaught of extraterrestrial enemies. Initially Goku did not realize that he is a warrior, so the character is more comic rather than an action-powered character, but later with time, after fighting with his enemy named “Vegeta”, he realizes that he is not just a normal human being rather he is a SUPER SAIYAN, which is basically an advanced transformation assumed by extraordinarily powerful members and hybrids of the Saiyan race. Goku then tries to attain this form by training hard with Master Roshi.  He was first transformed into saiyan in the saga where he had to fight with all powerful Freiza. And that was probably a fandom moment for everyone who watched DBZ at that time, seeing Goku turning into a super saiyan was drop dead awesome! 

But the story does not revolve around Goku. It is also about many other characters, especially Gohan who is Goku’s son. As the story goes on, Gohan also found out that he is a super saiyan just like his father, and to his surprise, he was rather a more powerful saiyan than his father at some part of the saga! Both father-son duos fight with all their enemies defending their planets and friends. However the most emotional scene which brought tear into my eyes, was the part when Goku sacrificed himself for his son Gohan, and his last word to his son was “be strong Gohan, I’ll always be there my son” . Later Gohan was able to kill the enemy that brought this upon him, “Cell”, an artificial evil life form. So, as I mentioned earlier, this anime is not just an action packed series, rather there are a lot of different emotions associated with it. It is addicting and you won’t be able to quit watching it, even if you watch the whole series!


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